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We realize HD or 4K films about our trips in order to highlight the country we’ve been to. We aim to create emotion through our videos.

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We offer a large visibility thanks to our pictures on our social medias such as Instagram & Facebook. We write content and articles in order to share our experiences with our followers.


The movie can serve you of advertising directly on your website with all the copyright.



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Our Productions

Road Trip USA

Octobre 2016

Procession Religieuse Sicilienne

Juin 2016

A Wild Dream

Octobre 2016

Trapani's Soul

Mars 2016

Into the Heart of Sicily

Juin 2016

Sicily Land of Myth

Septembre 2015

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Paris, France


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Tommaso & Manfredi for Masseria Susafa ****

Tommaso & Manfredi for Masseria Susafa ****

 We were first introduced to Julien’s work through his first video Sicily « Land of Myth »
An absolutely enchanting, moving, nostalgic video, particularly for Sicilians, who more than anyone know their land.
These were the feelings that pushed us to contact the talented filmmaker directly. And this is how we came to invite Julien Zolli to visit us at the Masseria.
It was a great pleasure for us to get to know Julien and his girlfriend Charlotte and host them as our guests.
Judging by the quality of their work « Into the Heart of Sicily »
We can say without hesitation that they also had a pleasant experience. The video tells all that we hoped it would; it’s full of emotion and unequivocally reflects the soul of the places visited.
A note of particular merit should also be given to Charlotte who actively participated in the making of the video by supporting Julien and being featured in the film.
We thank Julien for the excellent work carried out and we hope to see him again here in Sicily.