Work with us


We do this for fun, discovery, sharing and exchange. We attach a great importance to highlight every local population in our work through strong images. Our universe is sincere, neutral and open to the world. We only film and take pictures of what is, in our view, strong and representative of the destination where we are. We aim to sublimate each place we visit with our videos and photos to unveil it to the world. We like to create emotion. We act spontaneously.


Why work with us ?

• A financial benefit

• Professionnal artistic work

• Creation of quality content

• A neutral and new eye

• The guarantee of emotions

• A wide visibility



We agree together on a date of stay and its length. (These dates are based on our respective availability). We also agree on accommodation and transportation. You can list a basis of elements that seem essential to highlight on our different medias. (Places, venues, events, gastronomic specialties etc.)

We move with the entire professional equipment. We film our stay with a svery natural and neutral eye (non- commercial). During the stay we share on live our experience with our community on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. After the stay, we make video editing and blog articles under within 2 weeks.



We perform all this free of charge however, the partnership will depend on what you would offer in exchange of our work. And feel free to suggest any other facilities you would like us to enhance in the media coverage.